Welcome to Serbia, a country of turbulent history, diverse heritage and warm and hospitable people!

Serbia is located in the north of the Balkan Peninsula and is bordered by 8 countries. The north of the country is very flat but the terrain gets increasingly hilly and mountainous as you head south. Serbia abounds in rivers, and the longest European river, the Danube, flows through Serbia, linking it to both Central Europe and the Black Sea. Over a quarter of the country is covered in forests and national parks take up 11%. With four distinct seasons, you will experience both a hot summer and snow in winter. Serbia’s largest cities are Belgrade, the capital, Novi Sad, Nis and Kragujevac. Its greatest treasure is certainly its people. Outgoing and talkative, friendly and hospitable, the Serbs are relaxed and laid back and the most frequently used phrase every foreigner learns first is nema problema – no problem!

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